Thursday, September 8, 2011


Labor Day weekend was exciting for me!  Sunday morning started as normal - early church, water the plants at the office, and then home.  Because it was such a nice day Josh, my husband, and I worked in the yard.  We started redoing a flower bed, pulling up all the old, dead, burnt up plants and replacing them.  I was pulling weeds.  I reached in to pull the weeds from a bed and I felt an intense, sharp pain.  

At first I thought it was a bee sting, but it was WAY more intense.  I saw two specks, and I mean specks, of blood.  I ran inside to wash it off, and I immediately felt faint.  It was surging through my whole body.  My husband came in right after me, and loaded me in the car saying it was a copperhead snake.  What?!  I grew up in the country and never got bitten!  

We made it there in less than 15 minutes from the bite.  That, the doctors say, is what saved my finger and hand...his quick reaction.  Below are a couple of the pictures from the ER.  Somehow, I forgot about a camera after I was wheeled into ICU.  I am happy to report that after 2 days in ICU and another in a regular room my finger, hand, and I will be fine...eventually...and with a story to tell!

Below are pictures taken today, 2 days after being released from the hospital.  I still can't straighten it, and it's still pretty swollen.  However, wouldn't you agree that it looks much better now?!